99 Arms Productions

jennifer gore

Jennifer Gore

jennifer gore has worked all sides of television: as a freelance producer, network exec and vp at a studio.

after graduating from ucsb, jennifer spent over a decade in multi-camera sit-coms. she decided to leave the sitcom world and became a production executive for comedy central, overseeing all of the shows that were produced on the west coast.  she was hands-on in every stage, from development, through delivery.

upon leaving comedy central, jennifer produced “too late with adam carolla” (talk), “crank yankers” (puppets), “code monkeys” (animated), “22” (scripted comedy), “let’s just play” (live tv event for Nickelodeon).  she also did a national television commercial for Adam Carolla’s move to 97.1.  whatever the genre, she made it happen.

jennifer ventured to the studio side and became the vice president of production at lighthearted entertainment.  during her time there, she was fortunate to experience the start up and production of the hit show “the moment of truth” for fox.

in 2009, she seamlessly transitioned into creating her own company, 99 arms productions, inc.

being a seasoned producer, a network exec, and a studio vp, jennifer has a unique experience, which gives her a rare insight into the many pov’s coming to the table.

nikki kessler

Nikki Kessler

nikki kessler has loved tv her entire life. she likes to watch it and loves to make it.

she started her career at fifteen years old, writing/producing/hosting for her local pbs affiliate. after graduating northwestern university, nikki moved to los angeles and found a home in sit-coms. she learned the multi-cam production ropes from the best in the business.

since those early days, she’s produced a wide breadth of genres, moving seamlessly between creative and production positions. nikki produced a talk show with candice bergen. She wrote, produced and directed field pieces for multiple talk shows. she took on a live town hall with vice president al gore for oxygen and pbs. And, rounded out her eclectic experience with the hidden camera prank show, “girls behaving badly”

in 2004, she returned to her comedic roots, executive producing the comedy central hit, “mind of mencia.” she spent 4 seasons with the show. during that run, she produced a comedy special for comedy central: “carlos mencia: performance enhanced.”

2009 marked the beginning of 99 arms productions. from a travel series to scripted comedy to branded entertainment, nikki and her producing partner, jennifer, have kept their arms busy.